Z's First Movie

It has been a very long time since S and I have been able to watch a movie. Before Z was born, we were avid movie watchers but since Z came to us we were simply too afraid to enter a movie house for fear that Z would cry or make some unwanted noise and we will be forced to exit prematurely. So for 3 ½ years we missed every great movie that was shown, except Spiderman 3 that we simply could not miss. Two weeks ago we decided that maybe it was about the right time that Z watch a movie. He is already toilet trained and you can reason out to him when worse comes to worst. So off we went to Megamall to watch Kung Fu Panda, the line was long but we could not care less – after a 3 year hiatus we were finally back watching a movie. I did not think I miss it that much until we were inside. S missed the popcorn more and proceeded to order one. Z was amazed at the big screen at first and munched happily on the snacks that we brought. But after he was done eating, he started to grow restless. He complained that it was too cold inside, I hugged him as tight as I could to keep him warm but he said he was still cold so I passed him off to his dad. He continued to squirm and when he could not take it anymore he blurted out the magic words, “Mommy, I want to poopoo.” I could not believe it, so I pretended I did not hear. Then I heard some more magic words, “You want to poopoo, Z? Let’s go I’ll take you,” my husband said. Too shocked to even speak, I remained seated watching the movie while S ushered Z to the toilet. It turned out to be false alarm, “Z only peed,” S said as he takes his seat. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to watch the movie. I was determined to savor every minute of it, I laughed at all the funny scenes and I oohed at all the fight scenes. Z appeared not interested anymore and would just stand and run in front. Then, for the second time that night Z again said that he needed to poo. I held my breath but the ever so gracious S volunteered to take him again. I filled him in on the scenes he missed as he came back. I breathed a sigh of relief because I thought the worst is over, unfortunately it was not because for the third time that night Z wanted to go to the bathroom and again S took him again. So that was how Z spent his first movie ever, but eventhough he missed most of the scenes he was still able to show us some cool kung fu moves in the end.


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