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I love being a stay-at-home mom and being with my son 24/7 but honestly there was also a time when I got bored just staying at home. Aside from taking care of Z, my everyday activity would be doing household chores which is not my favorite activity, watching TV which I used to love but over time I got bored with it too, and going to the playground which was great but when it’s raining then we are stuck at home. So after much thought and hesitation (because it will be an additional monthly expense) we applied for broadband connection at our home so I can find something worthwhile to do with my time. I discovered blogging almost 4 years ago when I was still pregnant with Z, I loved reading blogs and spent hours and hours browsing other people’s blogs and checking out what they are doing with their lives and learning from their experiences. Years later when I checked the blogging scene again I discovered that bloggers are now earning through their blogs so I decided to put up my own blog too. After just a few months, I started blogging in March, I am already earning through my blog. Of all the earning opportunities out there my hands down favorite is definitely SocialSpark. It has given me the most opportunity with my blog and I have met lots of stay-at-home moms there too. This is the best earning opportunity a mommy like me could ever want because they give enough time to submit an opportunity so I can cook and feed my family and still have time to submit a paid opportunity. So if you are a mom like me who is looking for something productive with your time and earn additional income too it will not hurt if you try your hand at blogging and join SocialSpark. With the rate the inflation is going we need all the earning opportunity we can get, don’t we? Do not forget to sign up in the mailing list once it gets public. See you there!

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