Another Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party at McDonald's Eastwood branch. It was for S's co-worker's son, Nico, who turned a year old. It was fun and as usual we enjoyed the games. Z was shy at first and didn't want to participate in the "Bring Me Game" so S has to carry him to bring the peso bill to the party host. He won some notebooks and papers for that and he was smiling after receiving the prize. Later, he participated in the "Pass the balloon" game, I had to assist him at first but he got the hang of it and played along in the end. There were lots of food because I think some of the guests didn't make it, however, Z was full and only ate some chicken. Later, Z played with the balloons with his friend, Gia.
Here are some souvenir photos:

Z was in no mood to smile

Z with birthday celebrant, Nico

Our small family

Z with Kid McDo


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