Opportunity Grabbing and Entrecard

Last night, I taught S how to grab opportunities in Socialspark and PPP. He works at night and is always in front of the computer so it's a perfect task for him. I told him to constantly refresh the page and grab the task as quickly as it becomes available and he was completely game with it. I said goodnight to him at about 1am (I taught him through YM) then went to sleep. At about 7:30am, I was still sleepy but dragged myself out of bed because I was excited to find out how his opportunity hunting went. When I opened my email, I was delighted that there was one opportunity waiting for me that he has reserved. I quickly opened my YM to congratulate him on his success but I heard a knock on the door instead. I was surprised that it was him and he was home early. I told him he did a great job in grabbing an opportunity. He acted surprised and told me he wasn't even aware he grabbed one, he just refreshed the page constantly and that it was all a blur to him. I chuckled when I heard this. This noon, he was using the laptop and accidentally clicked on the tab where the PPP opportunities' page is displayed. He quickly caught my attention saying, "There's an opportunity available for you, it's white! Look!" I was surprised because I was just behind him and I can see clearly that there was no white, only grays and oranges. I pointed this out to him but he insisted it's white. It turned out that the lcd of the laptop was angled in such a way that the gray looked white! I can't help but laugh at his mistake. I am so glad he's into this too. He even mentioned he'll update his blog soon. I hope he really does it this time. Up to now, there's only one post in it. I even submitted his blog under entrecard and dropped on it for two days but on the third day I received an email that it was deleted by entrecard. I was sad because my 600 drops were totally wasted. I didn't even know it violated the rules of entrecard. Well, no harm done, just lesson learned. :)


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