A Typhoon is Coming

It has been a really long week of putting away our things in boxes and waiting for moving day to come but at last one more day to go and we'll be saying goodbye to our apartment for almost two years. After finally deciding that September 28 is going to be our moving day, we have confirmed that a typhoon is on its way to the Philippines. According to the weather forecast websites I have been frequenting lately, the typhoon will not hit land but will be somewhere close by on our moving day. As if to drive down its point across, it did not stop raining for the last two days which increased my nervousness tenfold. Just this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining despite reading somewhere that there was supposed to be 100% chance of precipitation today. Well, it didn't rain all day and because of that, I am keeping my faith that when I wake up this Sunday, the sun will shine despite the 50% chance of rain forecast. If worst comes to worst we'll just wait out the rain before actually moving.



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