D for Dade

This afternoon, Z was getting frustrated trying to learn how to write the letter "Y." He kept on insisting he can't do it while I kept on telling him that was what he said for the letter "Z" yesterday and now he can do it with ease. I left him on his own for a few minutes because his dad and I were looking at something online. I thought he was practicing to write the letter "Y" like I told him so when he suddenly looked at his dad and said, "Dad, look! I wrote your name," while pointing at a crudely written letter D. His Dad's face lit up and said, "You're right, son! D as in Dad!" Then his Dad proceeded to spell his name, "D-A-D." To which Z blurted, "...and E! Dade!" Nyee! We couldn't argue anymore because we were laughing so hard.


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