Z's First Letter

I know I said I would teach him to write after he has learned how to read but his progress in our reading lessons for the last few days made me think we have the time to learn both reading and writing. I bought a writing book and asked him to trace the different letters and he did trace them but can't write it on his own. So for the last two days I decided to forego the writing book and really start with the basics, asking him to write vertical lines first instead of tracing the letters. He obeyed and produced some horizontal and diagonal lines. I was quite busy working beside him when he suddenly told me, "Look, mom, it's a letter A." I immediately glanced at his paper and sure enough there was a crudely written but unmistakable letter A. I was really proud of his effort to go beyond what was expected of him and actually write a letter instead of the lines I told him to. His dad was sleeping but I woke him up just to show it to him.


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