It's his Birthday Tomorrow!

It's Z's much awaited birthday tomorrow! We're not having a party just a simple celebration here in our apartment with the three of us. Our original plan was to go to Star City which is a carnival, so Z can have the time of his life having rides but I'm still not sure if it will push through. I certainly hope so but aside from the fact that his dad has work tomorrow night, his dad is also recovering from the cold he has been suffering for a week now. Z and I almost got it too but thanks to our vitamins we managed to keep it at bay.
Z is beyond excited to get his very own birthday cake. He has been asking me about his birthday all year and he has patiently waited for it. We don't have a gift for him tomorrow because he has received it a week before. It's the most expensive gift we got for him but I know it's worth it because it'll be his companion for a long time.
Last weekend, we went to the mall as usual and Z saw a toy car - the big one where you can actually ride and drive. He already has one but his is not battery operated he has to pedal it to run. We bought it for him when he was only 1 1/2 years old and it's a toy that's really worth our money because until now that he's turning four he still drives it. Well, that day Z specifically asked us to buy that battery-operated car that we saw. Z doesn't usually ask us to buy something we just give him toys at our own initiative. In fact, recently he would tell his dad not to buy him toys anymore because he has so many. But this all changed when he was able to ride that car. He begged me to buy it for him, not by having a tantrum, thank goodness he's not like that. He would tell me he wants it and I know how badly he likes to have it because he will do so every 5 minutes or so saying somehting like, "Gusto ko yung car, mommy." I want that car, mommy. I kept silent but S and I looked at each other. No words were spoken but we both know we're so tempted to buy it because knowing Z - well, that's really his passion. I know we made a right choice by buying him a puppy rather than a toy but until now it tugs to my heart when I think about how he wanted that one. It's almost as expensive as the puppy so we will definitely not buy it.


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