Fluffy Pancakes at Last!

My son and I had a good time making pancakes for merienda. I braced myself for the mess and allowed him to pour the flour into the bowl, add the baking powder, sugar, salt and mix the batter with a fork. Thank goodness I now know that I had to add baking powder to make the pancake fluffy.. I remember not too long ago I tried making pancakes without it and it turned as hard as a rock. Without internet at home and away from my family I could not find out why, although I have a remote idea it has something to do with lack of baking powder or baking soda, only I could not figure out which is it. So the next time I went grocery shopping I decided to buy one of the two and guess what I bought? Yes, I bought the baking soda! It was only at home that I realized that maybe I bought the wrong one and thank goodness I had the sense not to make a batch of pancakes with the baking soda. Well that's life, you would not learn unless you make mistakes!
Anyway, Z was really proud of making the pancake. While eating he kept on asking me who made the pancake and I reassured him it was all his effort.


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