Fun day at Ark Avilon Zoo

2 weeks ago we visited the Ark Avilon zoo at Tiendesitas and we were not disappointed. I have long been curious about this ark-shaped air conditioned zoo which featured lions and tigers among others. Months ago we visited Manila zoo and although we had fun I was a bit disappointed because the lions and tigers were quite far and I didnt get a nice view. But here at Ark Avilon only a piece of glass separates you from the animals. Birds are even perched outside the cage, there's a donkey you can ride for free,and rabbits you can feed (for a fee). Z and his cousin had so much fun looking at the animals and running around. But the fun didnt stop there because right beside the zoo is the Fun Ranch which the kids enjoyed even more.
The highlight of our trip was the bump boat which both the kids loved. Today, Z still remembers riding in the yellow boat and bumping all around with his cousin.


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