To Binan we went

The roads were practically empty when we decided to go home to visit our lola during the holiday. What normally is a three hour trip took us only an hour and a half. As we were breezing through the South Expressway, I felt that this time it really lived up to its name. Our kitten, Muning, obviously felt at ease too. For the first time since we turned his world upside down (we left our apartment with him inside a box) he was able to sleep. Z was, as usual in awe, with the sights he saw. It's just the usual sights you see on the road, nothing jaw dropping, but for him the cars and trucks driving by the road are a treat. He's especially fond of the MRT but it's closed during the holiday.
My lola and aunt were as usual tickled pink when they saw Z. They also remarked how thin he's getting but I already decided not to be bothered by it since Z is taller than average and quite active. My aunt was amazed at how bright he was getting. Upon seeing a carton of eggs, Z proceeded to turn all of it upside down and remarked, "Look, the eggs are all upside down!"
My husband S was bored to death. There was no computer there so he can't play WoW but because he loves me he endured it all and counted his vacation days going by so that we can spend time with my relatives. Z also had a great time swimming in my lola's big batya. He loved it so much that we were almost late going to church to Bicutan because he won't get out.


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