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I asked Z if he was happy, he thought for a moment and answered "I'm happy when I'm riding a car. I'm happy when I'm riding a taxi." Truly, if there is one thing Z looks forward to, it's his lolo coming over to pick him up. For a while, when he was a baby, Z actually thought the word lolo meant car. Whenever his lolo drives by we would tell him, "Here comes lolo, Z." We thought he understood what we meant. But to our surprise, when he started talking he started calling the car "lolo". So we explained that lolo is not the car but he got smart and coined the term lolo-car to refer both to his lolo and his car. Now at 3, Z still loves his lolo-car. Last Sunday, after the Pacquiao-Marquez match, his lolo came to pick us up. Since there is lack of parking space in Bicutan, his lolo parked his car somewhere else. Upon seeing him Z ran as fast as he could, gave him a hug and asked with concern, "Where's your car, lolo?"
We went to Market Market where Z and his cousin had a grand time riding kiddie cars (P50 per 5 mins). Beside it is an elaborate network of slides which is absolutely free. They went up and down the slide while us adults rested our tired feet.


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