Z and his Guitar

Aside from his passion of collecting lcars (that are 4 inches or less), Z also loves playing the guitar-- or should I say oves "trying" to play the guitar. Following his Daddy's footsteps he was interested in guitars long before he could walk. When he was old enough to hold a small guitar we bought him a small cheap plastic guitar which he loved. He would bring it out with gusto everytime Daddy takes out his guitar to practice. Whenever Dad uses his pick, he must also use his very own pick, and when it was time to use the kapo, Z would insist I also look for his own kapo (actually an old kapo of his dad). When Dad sits in front of his computer to watch John Mayer videos, Z would definitely pick the prime seat (on his lap) to watch along. But after discovering Jason Mraz's songs, which his father downloaded one day, he didn't need any more prodding from his father. This time he would sit in front of the pc all by himself and after checking that his hat is in the same position as Jason Mraz's hat, he would strum and sing with all his heart. So last Christmas, after breaking his fifth cheap plastic guitar (not from banging but from strumming and trying to tune the guitars that simply cannot be tuned, mind you!) we finally decided to buy him a mini replica of his Dad's guitar. A guitar made of the finest plywood and varnished to perfection, a guitar that would make the little girls drool and would make any kid musician proud. It still cannot be tuned but when Z strums it, the sound it makes can drown even his father's much more expensive acoustic guitar, much to his Dad's dismay.


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