Birthday Party

We went to a Cylthiels's Birthday Party at Jollibee Ever Gotesco and I was so excited because it was the first time Z would see Jollibee in action. Everytime we eat there and there's an ongoing party Z will wait patiently outside for the mascot and would eagerly run and hug it when it comes out.

So by 6:15 we were already there at the venue but no one was in sight. It appears we were a bit early. So we went to the kiddie rides and let Z ride in his favorite car.

We went back at the venue and found that Gia, Z's former neighbor and playmate has already arrived. Gia was happy to see Z but our son was shy and wouldn't speak.

The party started with a story. All the kids gamely sat down and listened to the host.

Well, everyone but Z who insisted in sitting on his dad's lap. There he was holding a stuff toy and being cajoled by his dad to sit down with the kids.T here I was at the back wearing a black shirt wondering what was going on with Z. This scene reminds me a lot of the times we go to Sunday school and Z would refuse to let go and play with the kids. The last time we went there the teacher insisted that I leave him there and he cried for 15 minutes. The poor teacher had to carry him for the most part.

He only agreed to stand when his dad instructed him to give the host a peso bill as part of a game. This was familiar to him because when we go out I always ask him to pay our fare so he'll have more knowledge with money. After a while he was happy and confident enough to go in front on his own.

He was even more ecstatic when Jollibee arrived.

And when it was time for Jollibee to go, Z even waved goodbye.

Here are some more pictures at the party:

Z with birthday celebrant, Cylthiel

Z with friend and former neighbor, Gia

Dad and Z

One last picture before Jollibee leaves


Nance said...

looks like everybody had fun! your Z is adorable! ;) thanks for sharing these photos!

Paula said...

Yes nance, even the parents enjoyed the party!

Sidney said...

Z has a great smile!
Looks like he had a fun time!

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