Going on 27...

My 27th birthday is coming up and I am thinking of what I will do to commemorate such a special occasion. clap! clap! clap!

1. I will cook a wonderful meal that even I will love. I have been trying to find some things to cook in the different blogs I surf but I have not really tried cooking them. I have stuck to the same food that I am familiar with. This time is will be different. I will cook something beyond my comfort zone, something I have never done before.
2. I will blow 27 candles. For convenience, we tend to use candles that are shaped like numbers but I want to experience blowing a lot of candles. I hope this will really remind me that I am not young anymore and I need to grow up!
3. I will do something for myself and that is to exercise! Our Timeworks has been sitting in the spare bedroom for ages so I really have no excuse. I want to live long and I want the same for my family. If I do not do it now my son will grow up not doing it and my husband will grow obese and get sick. I have to be the inspiration of my family.

That's it! I hope I do all the things in the list. Four more days and I will be older.


Nance said...

got here from ann's blog (apple of my eyes) welcome to blogosphere! when you have a chance visit mine at
click here and from there you can also go to my art blog. see you!
oh yes, i will link you to mine if you don't mind?

Nance said...

Sorry, forgot to greet you a happy 27th bday! enjoy and have fun!

Paula said...

Thanks a lot, Nance. Your comment means so much to me. You are the first one who took the time, after all. Sure I do not mind exchanging links with you. Thanks for greeting me. Have a great day!

Mmy-Lei said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy life with your family.

Be Happy!

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