5 Things That Make Me Happy

Since my blog is about Happy thoughts, I should list down 5 things that makes me happy. The following is not in order:

1. Cool weather with gusts of wind blowing through our window. Being in a tropical country it can be very hot and humid so a perfect kind of weather (not raining and not too sunny with scattered clouds) always makes me forget our problems and make me appreciate that I am living in a country near the equator.

2. My really soft to touch brand new keyboard that I just bought for my online job. Our previous keyboard was the cheapest one in the market and in the span of a few months, the letters vanished one by one, the letter P needed to be typed 3 times before it appeared on the screen and the letter H needed to be typed twice. I am just so glad I have finally replaced it.

3. When my son learns new things/words. Sometimes I think, of course, I am biased. I am a mom, what can you expect. But sometimes, I really think my son is smart. Like the other day, we were browsing the web for some kiddie stuff and he saw a cartoon of a man fishing, he immediately told me that is a fishing line. I do not know where he got that word, I certainly didn't teach him that. He also has a smart way of dealing with his friends. Sometimes when he does not want to share a certain toy he discreetly directs their attention to another toy like saying, "Look, this red car is better than the blue one, right?" Certainly not the best behavior but kind of smart when you think about it.

4. When my husband does things I tell him like buying me food from the store, helping me with some of the chores, etc. My husband, like me, is lazy in the house, but since I am the housewife I have no choice but to do the housechores. I admit on some days I love my stress free life as a housewife, but there are some days that I work like a horse and deserve a little help. For example when I have work it takes up a lot of hours and on top of that I have to cook 3 times, feed my son, bathe him and myself, do the dishes and my day gets really crazy because I am trying to beat a deadline and entertain my son. So it really makes me happy when he just do as he's told without complaining.

5. Eating food that is not my own cooking. The downside of being a housewife is I eat what I cook 3 times a day 7 times a week. My own cooking is definitely not my idea of a good meal, my idea of a delicious meal is something that is not cooked by me. That's it, as simple as that. I will be happy to eat anything that is not cooked by me, whether it's cooked by my husband, my neighbor, a bad cook, a great chef, anything that I did not prepare I will surely love it.


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