We went grocery shopping yesterday and I noticed that the price of our regular milk has increased again. It seems that for every two weeks that we buy milk, the price just keeps on getting higher and higher. I was a fanatic of a certain premium milk brand before until it became ridiculously expensive that I was forced to see the light. Now I buy the cheaper but recommended by DoH brand. Yes I was blinded by the milk advertisements and thought that formula milk was okay for my baby so we bought the most expensive brand we could afford. It was only later that I realized how wrong I was not to breastfeed him. I do not blame myself entirely, the milk ads are in every channel. And to think that Philippines is a third world country at that, we simply cannot afford to buy expensive formula milk when breastmilk is free and more nutritious. I especially pity the poor people who's earning below the minimum wage. On the way home, I noticed our tricycle driver has just bought a formula milk for his own baby. How I wish I could tell him to stop wasting his money on formula milk!


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