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I was so busy with my work yesterday that I did not get to take care of Z. He was constantly coming to me for some attention and wanted to sit at my lap but I needed not to be bothered because I was listening to an audio and transcribing it. I explained to him what I was doing and I knew he understood because I constantly remind him that when mommy has to work he needs to play by himself and be quiet. But since he is only 3 I could not expect he would obey. Good thing my brother in law, Paolo, was here for a summer visit. He played with Z, cooked our food, gave Z his meal, brushed his teeth, and tried to put him to bed by pretending he was also After a few times of Z going out of bed to check on us, he was finally put to sleep by his tito's threat to turn off the aircon if he didn't go to bed.
I was so relieved that he was already asleep and I resumed my work and got to finish it at midnight. I was so exhausted, I frankly have no experience in transcription and I am still very slow at it. Some people do it for only four hours but I can do it twice as long as that.
Shortly after submitting it I was shocked to see Z wide awake again and quite happy at that. Inside I was happy he woke up because I was feeling guilty all the time I was working. I called him to bed and we talked. He told me his usual stories about his friends. I could tell he missed me because he was extra sweet. Imagine my surprise when he told me, "Mommy, you should kiss me here (pointing to his nose), here (pointing to his cheeks), here (pointing to his forehead) and here (pointing to his lips). I usually ask him to do that when he wants me to do something for him. And to think that this was the first time he did it, he surely missed me that much. I am not complaining I love being able to work in our house, but I really need to do it efficiently and fast without sacrificing the quality. I am happy I do not have to leave Z to work but I still can not help feeling a twinge of guilt. Z went to sleep that night with his arms around my neck, he insisted that we face each other. When I thought he was already asleep I shifted my head to the other side. He promptly woke up, sat straight and told me not to face the other side. The love of your child is the best thing in the world, right?


Ahmie Mendoza said...

yes,you're right.the love of a child is the best thing in the world..nice blog...

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