Join Jade's Contest and Win Fabulous Prizes!

I am so excited to join this contest by my new blogger friend, Jade. In celebration of her 100th blog post she and other generous blogger friends will be giving out prizes. Check out these really cool prizes:

* Cash Prize of US $25 from me - 1 winner courtesy of
* BONUS PRIZE: 10 X 100 EC Credits to the top 10 best post - 10 winners to be chosen by Me
* Indonesian batik cloth to be sent to any address on regular mail 1winner courtesy of
* one 125 x 125 ad spot for one month - sponsored by
* 4 x 500 EC credit points - sponsored by Dance of
* 500 ec + ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by
* 500 ec + ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by Lourdes' Mia
* 500 ec + ad spot 125x125 for 2 weeks -sponsored by MOMEMO
* 500 EC credits- sponsored by Barefooted Me
* one 125 x 125 ad spot for one month- sponsored by Buhay sa Korea

It's a blogger's dream, well, mine anyway! The ad spots, the ec credits and the $$. I want it all!hehe Is the genie there?! lol I better put the requirements here so all of you can join too.

This contest is open to EVERYBODY :

1) who has a blog (naturally)
2) a paypal account
(optional) Entrecard account in case you win EC Credits. If you don't have an EC account and the EC prize fall on you, you can either sign up with ENTRECARD or I will pick another winner.

4 Easy Steps to participate in the contest:

1) Subscribe to my site via email subscription. Just type your email on the upper left corner and click subscribe.
2) Fave me on technorati by clicking this Add to Technorati Favorites

3) Write a post linking to my main page Life and Me - including info on this contest. And encourage your readers to join too.

4) Follow all the rules of the contest. After you've done no.1 to 4, leave a comment here so I know you've joined, please leave a link to the blog you are using too. Give me a hint on what you wish to'll never know maybe Genie is listening and might just grant that wish.

It's so easy to join. If you do not have EC account, Jade has made it optional.I do not want to delay you any further so go ahead and hop to Jade's blog Life and Me for more details.

Congratulations Jade and million more posts to come!



Pinay Jade said...

Thanks for joining Paula! Will send you the ECS asap.

Pinay Jade said...

Thanks for joining Paula! Just sent you the 100 EC credits. Goodluck!

Have a great blog leave.

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