Just got my pay!

My first payment from my transcription job has just been deposited at my bank. It is not that big since I did not get any assignment for 2 weeks but it is enough to pay my internet bills and electricity which has jumped up because of the extended usage of our computer. Now we are also using a laptop and the two are turned on for sometimes as long as 10 hours everyday. The internet is quite addicting, I should say. We also have S's younger brother for the summer and the two brothers bond by playing WoW. I let them play as much as I can take because Z really loves his siblings and this is the first time they have been together for this long since we got married and moved out. But sometimes I just say enough especially when I imagine our electric meter going round and round very fast! In fairness to his little brother he really is helpful. He helps me a lot with the household work and with Z. He wash dishes, cooks food, bathe Z and even helps Z do his number 2!


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