Toilet woes solved

I find it a chore to accompany Z to the toilet for his poopoo. He does not have a toilet seat so I have to hold him the whole time and it is really uncomfortable for both of us. Added to the fact that Z returns to the toilet 2 or 3 times in a day because he is always in a hurry to finish and does not excrete it all in one sitting. Until recently, I found a solution to our woes. I got a small wooden chair so he can rest his feet and it was an instant hit. It was so successful that after a few seconds Z suddenly told me to let go of him because he can sit there all by himself. Even with my shock I still managed to take his new found independence to the next level by suggesting that I will just leave him there and he should just call me the moment he finished. He agreed and I was ecstatic. Today he only poopoo once a day and I am so happy.


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