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As a frequent internet user I was unaware of the ill-effects my activities have on our environment. For example, just by making a search query in different search engines produces a fraction of a gram of Carbon Dioxide. As we all know, increased Carbon Dioxide in the Environment is thought to be the main proponent of global warming. We all have felt the effect of global warming like climate changes and rise in temperature. So in my own little way I want to help by using an eco-friendly Search Engine called Carbon Neutral Search which will offset equal to or greater than 100 gram for each query you process. Carbon Neutral will be able to do this by initially teaming up with Climate Care and Carbon Fund which are both successful in carbon offsetting.
Using this search engine will help us do our own little thing in saving the environment, it will not affect our searches in any way because it is still powered by Google. Do not think that your role is insignificant because this will only be successful if more – if not all of us – do it. As of May, they have already served 25,000 searches and that is already equal to 7,962 kg of carbon dioxide offset.

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