The Fall

Sunday morning, Z and I woke up to be greeted by the storm Frank. There was no electricity so I was pretty bummed. With nothing else to do and realizing it was already 9:30 and we haven’t had breakfast, I decided to go out and buy instant noodles at the store downstairs. It was cold and I want something to warm us up. I told Z to stay behind and just wait for me because there is a storm and it is dangerous to go out and being the wise child that he is, he agreed to stay behind all by himself. I patted myself on the back for raising such an obedient child. My mind was still preoccupied as I passed the stairs and I haven’t even gone down 2 steps that I realized I was falling. It was like déjà vu, you know the feeling that this happened to you before, although I can not say it is déjà vu because it has indeed happened to me before. Almost a year back, I was also on my way to buy something, Z insisted to come with me so I carried him down the stairs and we both fell. Fortunately, Z was not hurt coz I was able to hold him tight. Turned out the stairs was wet that time too. Don’t worry coz I was not that hurt, in fact, I think I am quite getting used to it. I was even concerned one of the neighbors might see me in that uncompromising situation so after oohing and aahing as silently as I could, I stood up and went ahead with my mission but inside my head I cannot help but think that Z has grown a lot wiser in a year and I haven’t. A year ago when Z insisted to come with me downstairs, I told him it was already dark and dangerous to go downstairs but he still insisted on coming and as a result we both fell down the stairs. A year later, I told Z that it was dangerous to go down because there is a storm and he wisely listened and stayed behind and I foolishly went ahead despite my own warning so for the second time, I fell down. Lesson learned: Follow your own advice.


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