I finally bought it

Remember the ebook I talked about - How to Teach your Child to Read in 90 days? Well, I bought it online and thank goodness the seller promptly delivered the goods. So now Z and I can proceed with our goal - well, mine anyway - of teaching him how to read. I dared S that I can teach him to read by March 2009 - although the book promises my child can read in 90 days, I do not want to pressure ourselves so I am giving us ENOUGH time. I am still thinking what if I fail and my child would not be able to read but on the brighter side I remember back when I was younger I do not even remember myself reading at the age of 4! I remember being able to write my name at age 5 on the second day of school but I think I haven't learned to read by the time I was in kindergarten. My husband pointed out that by the time he was 3 he was already writing his name and wanted me to do the same with Z but that is not my priority, I noticed Z's hands are not strong enough and he writes rather faintly so I will wait till next year to teach him that. I will save ourselves some headache! I prefer for him to read first rather than write because his eyes will open up to more opportunities of learning once he learns how to read. I am already excited to hear him read aloud his first book!
So far, the book is a hit with Z. He already knows some of the letter sounds courtesy of my earlier efforts and starfall.com but the book gave me a better idea on how to teach the sounds by comparing it to sounds of everyday objects. Z has no problem learning that but I do not know how he will fare when it is time to read together the letter sounds. So far with my previous efforts instead of reading he ended up memorizing/guessing which was hilarious because at that time I thought he was really reading the words when he was able to read Dad and Mama successfully but I was brought back to reality when he read a name (Tito Paolo)I have not even taught him - that was when I found out he was just guessing! But looking back, I can not help but think it was even smarter of him to be able to guess - if you find yourself raising you eyebrows just bear with me because I am of course his mother!


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