My Cleaning Companion

I have always wanted a clean, organized house but now that I am a full time stay at home mom I have realized that that being said easy is still an understatement. It is just not easy to do everything myself, cook three times a day, wash dishes, do the laundry, take care of my toddler, accompany him to the playground, teach him to read, take care of my husband, and do my online job sometimes I really do not have the time to clean and mop the floors and I feel uncomfortable knowing that Z plays on the floor most of the time and I haven't cleaned it in two days. One time I found out we were going to have visitors in a few hours, I just finished washing and folding my laundry so needless to say, I was tired and I haven't taken a bath and the whole house is a mess! I had to run all over the house and clean everything just in time for the visitors. When the visitors left, I said to myself that it is time to get a companion - a trusty companion that will help me clean the house and would not bail out on me. Good thing I found this new cleaning technology from Dirt Devil , it is called Accucharge Stick Vac. It is an energy saver vacuum that only uses 70% energy that was why it has the much coveted approval of Energy Star. It is easy to maneuver because it is cordless so I do not have to worry about my toddler playing with or tripping over the cord and I do not need to worry about cleaning even the hard to reach areas where my toddler likes to keep his mess. They also have a hand vac so you can easily clean table surfaces and even sofas. Now that I have my cleaning companion, I know that cleaning would definitely be easier. I don't have to panic everytime company will come over and I do not have to feel guilty when my son plays on the floor.


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