Z's New Toys

Z has a lot of new toys lately. Since he loves cars and has way too many toy cars we decided it was time to buy him a toy highway where he can play with his cars. It is battery operated and complete with a toll gate, gas station and a parking lot. Z absolutely loved it and so does his friends. One of his friends even cried when his mom came by to pick him up. Z played with it nonstop that the battery lasted only a day. We were not able to buy another battery for a few days and Z learned his lesson. The next time we put some batteries there he remembered to turn it off when he is not using it.

Z also got a Playstation 2 courtesy of his Lolo and Tito Lorenz. I thought S was going to be the one who will be using it a lot but Z loved playing Lightning Mcqueen with it. He is already good in maneuvering the car and would cry when I tell him it is time to stop.

Aside from that I also bought Z some new books. A Cars and Trucks book so he'll know the specific name of the truck when we are on the road, a children's bible, and a book entitled "The Owl and the Pussycat" which I absolutely loved when I was in kindergarten so I want him to learn about it too.


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