Help! I Won Entrecard Credits.

I was preparing to drop my Entrecards for the day when I chanced upon Saphrym's blog. He was hosting a contest of finding a coded word in his blog posts which the winner can use to apply a coupon worth 2048 Entrecard credits. Needless to say I was hooked, it will definitely save me a huge amount of time if I win that one. So I started to think of ways on how to make it easier for me, not that I find his posts boring, it is definitely an interesting read but I have to cook dinner in 3 hours. I thought of spellchecking his posts and I wanted to do it through his feeds but when I checked his feeds it did not display all of his previous posts so I had to manually copy and paste his posts to Word and spell check it so I can find the words that does not belong. It was a shortcut but still it was not easy because there are after all 317 posts! I had to make a decision to skip some posts which I think does not include the the hidden word, good thing I was on the right track because in about an hour I did find it. I applied it right away to my Entrecard (with the help of my husband who deciphered a word I had no idea). So now I had a lot of credits in my Entrecard (a few days ago I also won 500 credits from Jade) but the problem is I do not know what to do with it. Before whenever I have a few credits I will spend it right away to advertise my blog but now I am hoarding it and I don't want to part with it. So if you please have an idea on the best way to spend these credits just leave a comment and help poor me out.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Paula! How about giving half of it to the first person who commented on this post? (wink wink, nudge nudge). Haha!
Congratulations and happy blogging! ;o)
abelle of Only in Silence

Sheila Sultani said...

Spend it on one of those really expensive blogs (like John Chow) that you might not normally use.

Run your own contest and give credits away

Z'riz said...

wow! congrats! :) you could spend it on advertising or contests... some people are already doing increases your blog traffic, too

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

Z'riz said...

tagged you here

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

cardiogirl said...

I agree with sheila, I would advertise on the blogs that are popular and that receive the highest number of clicks per day.

Good luck!

Tina said...

i always tend to go with the 'biggest advertisers' as they will be around on peoples blogs alot, so the way i see it, if people click on theirs, they will see yours too? Also cant be bad for your traffic stats either.

Hope that helps a bit :)
Thanks for stopping by my place and leavin a comment

GeoLis said...

congrats for your credits. I just joined EC a few days ago and I just have little credits right now. I'm starting to earn. I dropped in your EC. Hope you return the favor.

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