Menu for Week 29

Here's what I'm going to cook for this week. Usually I have a hard time thinking what to cook and do my cooking at the very last minute so I hope this will help me prepare our meals on time.

Monday - Tuna Spaghetti
Tuesday - giniling (minced meat) with beans, potatoes, carrots,peas
Wednesday - chopsuey
Thursday - fried fish, pansit
Friday - sinigang
Saturday - adobo


RoseLLe said...

i do this i'll cook whatever is available in the ref :D



Zip n Tizzy said...

I've been thinking about doing this too. Lately I feel like I look in my fridge just before dinner and have NO idea what to cook so having an advance plan seems like a really good idea.

hesitant wife said...

wow, you know how to make tuna spag. recipe to share? =)

Mommy Ruby said...

buti ka pa mommy, well organized when it comes to cooking. ako, kahit cooking wala talaga. hehehe...

i am not gifted in that matter.

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Paula said...

@roselle & zip - it's really hard to cook thrice a day and to think i'll do this for the rest of my life - i'm not sure how i'll be able to do it. just hope i stick to this menu planning thing.

@hesitant wife - ugh...i'm not really a good cook, i thought about posting it but i'm not that confident enough with my cooking yet.

@mommy ruby - believe me i'm the worst cook there is and i'm hardly organized either. i just want to make baby steps so i can hopefully improve bit by bit

Z'riz said...

oh wow! i love adobo!!!

hi sweetie! tagged you here

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Traipsey Turvey

Paula said...

Oh, Z'riz I have done that tag a few months ago.

Paula said...

Oh, Z'riz I have done that tag a few months ago.

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