Picky eater

Z is such a picky eater that I was afraid he is becoming malnourished already. Oh, he will eat the foods I serve all right but only in little portions. And he does not eat snacks too. Whenever I ask him what he wants to buy at the store he will only ask for a lollipop, if I suggest a biscuit or a cookie he will decline. I always wonder if my toddler does not get hungry at all because whenever I ask him he'll tell me no he's not hungry. Eating has been a constant battle between my toddler and lately I have been losing. It's hard to make him eat what I think is the right portion for him every single day, three times a day. Now I am immune to our relatives saying Z is so thin, before it was a big deal for me but now I don't care anymore. Why would I care when the pediatricians that we asked told us that Z has a normal weight for a child his age. But I still agree, he looks thin and his height makes him look thinner. And although defeated I have always wondered if I have not done the best I can to make him eat. I was contemplating his eating behavior, a child that doesn't want snacks is really hard to believe. Then I realized when there is a biscuit in our drawer he would get it by himself and eat it without any prodding. And when the biscuits are all gone he would stop eating snacks all together, he would not ask for me to buy some more, he would just stop taking snacks altogether. So I had what they might call a lightbulb moment and when we had our next grocery shopping I made sure I bought lots of biscuits and cookies for Z. I bought different varieties - cupcakes, cookies, biscuits - so he will not have any excuse at all. Then I put it in an open box and positioned it conspicuously in the center of our living room where Z plays. And what do you think happened, yes Z was eating the snacks left and right. I don't have to say anything too, he just grabs it sometimes 4 times a day or more and eat not only one but even two or more. It's indeed a miracle for me who before can only make him eat one cupcake at the most and most days none at all. I am so happy my strategy worked. I am thinking of adding fruits in Z's selection of snacks so he can get more vitamins in his system. Being parent is not that easy really. You have to be a detective and a problem solver and if you fail another person's life would be affected. This may be small for others but it is a huge achievement for me. It reminded me that there is more than one way to solve a problem and sometimes the solution is staring at us in the face, we just have to stop for a while and think it through. I hope other parents who have the same problem learn from this or am I the only one who didn't know?


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