Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza

I am constantly craving for pizza and my cravings don't get realized because my son loves eating at Jollibee more and I do not think the prize is worth it for one family size pizza so I just give in to my son and repress my cravings. Today was different though and I said this is the last time I am going to say no to my cravings. I have heard about the Pizza Hut's Palm card where they have a buy 1 get 1 promo for every pizza that you order. I always wanted to get one but never got around to getting it because I did not know how. Then I remember that all the things you need to know can be searched on the internet (duh, why didn't I think of that before) so I checked out Pizza Hut's website and was surprised when I saw that I can order their Palm Card online and through phone and have it delivered in 45 minutes. What's more I can use the Palm Card right away. So I called their customer service and verified what I read online (I still couldn't believe it), so when the rep said that I can indeed take advantage of it right away I ordered 1 family meat lover's pizza. Was surprised when she asked me what kind of Pepsi I am going to order, she said I have to order it too so I can get the free pizza. When checked the 1.5 Pepsi costs P65! That's a lot considering I can buy that in the grocery for like P45 (I'm not sure coz I'm not a soda fan), but what the heck my mind's made up and my son and husband both love sodas so I proceeded with the order. So my first bill added up to P862 (they also have a service charge fee and tax) which was higher than I expected but there's no wiping the joy in my face when the pizza and my palm card was delivered. The Palm card (P349) will expire in 6 months but it's fine by me because it will cover the holidays (Christmas and New Year) and the birthdays of my son and husband. Now, we have more pizza than we could eat and oh here's the best part - I don't have to cook for lunch and dinner! We even have enough leftover for S to take as "baon" to his office. So if you are a pizza lover like me check out the palm card (pizza is free only if delivered and taken out, for dine it you only get 10% off). By the way, Shakey's also have their own card, don't know the name because for some reason I can't access their website.


entrepgirl said...

we used to avail the palm card of pizza hut, it used to be just about p200 or p250 if i remember correctly so it's really reasonable to avail of it, but now, it's too expensive since we don't order from Pizza hut all the time. it's not worth it anymore for us.

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