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If there is one thing I regret in my life it is not pushing for an IT related course when I was in college. Little did I know about the wonderful thing that is the computer and the internet and how it will affect our lives now. I honestly thought computers are just for typing a document and internet is just for searching for information. I certainly did not imagine that the internet as it is today will be a community consisting of people from all over the world and I would enjoy being a part of it and is now using it to earn for my family. How I wish I have some technical knowledge so I can keep up in this fast changing world.
When I first heard about about Cisco certification I honestly did not have a clue what it was all about but this website is such a wealth of information on anything Cisco related, from the courses you need to take, the modules in each course, to the career where it would lead that in no time I was well-informed. It even has personal stories of people who have taken the Cisco certification and how it helped open new opportunities for them. Upon checking the website further I learned that it does not only contain all the information you may need, it is user-friendly too. Anyone who wants to take the course can can register online and then attend class via their virtual classroom. There is of course a fee for it but if hey the skill you will learn is invaluable. This has definitely opened my eyes that there is still hope for me to learn something new that could lead to a better opportunities. I am sure even my husband would be excited to add this certification on his resume.

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