Bike Ride

Yesterday afternoon, Z and I went on a quest to find the nearest car wash station to have his bike's wheels filled with air. The last time he used his bike, his dad told me that he heard a hissing sound coming from the wheel and sure enough when he checked it, it's already flat. So we went out and took a walk, I was walking and Z was on his bike. Because his wheels are flat I was half dragging his bike along. I was not comfortable with the route we took because more cars and tricycles were passing by that way.

I have no choice because they said the nearest car wash is over there. After walking 15 minutes and still no car wash, I was starting to have second doubts. It didn't help that vehicles were passing by. I always tell Z to move right whenever we hear a vehicle coming but sometimes he gets distracted and almost collided with me. There was even a second that I was fearful for my life because I was trapped, Z was in my right and a vehicle passing by in my left. So, I decided to ask a passerby if he knew where I can get the wheels filled with air. He told me that he didn't know if there was something like that anywhere in the area. I was frustrated when I heard that so I abandoned that route and decided to go back home using another road with less vehicles passing. On the way home, I ask the village security guard about what we were looking for and he pointed me back from where we came from. I was torn between just going home and wanting to have his bike fixed. With a heavy heart I decided to go back again and after a few minutes we finally reached it safely. It took just a second to have it filled with air and all our efforts paid off. We went to the nearby playground and I was delighted there were kids with bikes there too. Another mother was there teaching her kids to bike without training wheels. She must have 4 kids with her from age 3 to 8. Z was hesitant to ride with the other kids but warmed up to the idea after a few minutes. He is really shy, I think he got it from me. We were there until 6:30 at night. He didn't want to go home at first but when I said something about mosquitoes he agreed to go home.


Laarni said...

I was also shy when I was still a child. daym. hehehe.

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