My Most Hilarious Vacation Experience

I remember when I was still working and we had this outing at a beach called Puerto Galera. The beach was in an island and we have to ride a boat to go there. On the way, we noticed some dolphins swimming after our boat. We immediately started shouting with glee because we only see dolphins on TV. It was such an amazing sight. But the fun didn't stop there. When we arrived, we immediately rode a banana boat just to experience the thrill of it. There were six of us on the banana boat and we had such a great time while the ski boat pulled us at an amazing speed. I was so engrossed enjoying my banana boat experience when suddenly one of my companions blurted, "Isn't that **** in the water out there?" We looked back and sure enough there was a dot in the ocean. It looked like a dot because it was so far away but we had no doubt it was one of our companions because she was waving like crazy. She was the last one in the banana boat and apparently because of our excitement we didn't even notice that she has lost her grip and dropped into the ocean. We went back to get her and she was okay but of course, all wet. We couldn't help but laugh hysterically upon seeing her. That was the most hilarious vacation experience I ever had.
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Laarni said...

LOL. Good thing she knows how to swim, baka kung ako yun, di nyo na ako makikita. lol.

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