Disney Time!

It's like I am going on a trip back to memory lane. Since Z is old enough and have enough attention span to watch a movie, I am introducing him more and more to Disney stories,movies, and songs that I love. Here is the list of stories/movies that Z knows so far:
1. Cinderella - I first read the book to him, it was a hit! He felt sorry when the wicked stepsisters tore away her dress. He loved saying the fairy godmother's magic words, "Bi-bi-dee-bo-bi-dee-boo!" When we were able to watch it accidentally on Disney channel he was thrilled that he saw the characters come alive.
2. Bambi - This was an unexpected hit. I only read this story as a child and completely forgot about it. I let Z watch it because I read a nice review and it was indeed a heart-warming movie. It's about Bambi's relationship with his father and Z can definitely relate because he and his Dad has this amazing relationship. We never took our eyes off the screen the entire movie.
3. Pinocchio - I read this book to Z and he was interested with the growing nose. But I think I still need to wait until he's a little bit older because I don't think he understood some of the concepts like lying and Pinocchio not being a real boy.
4. Lion King - Z definitely liked watching the scenes with Simba and his dad. It was a little too long though, because towards the end Z lost interest so I was alone watching the last part of the movie.
5. Alice in Wonderland - I just bought a copy of this last weekend and we were able to watch the first part of it. He was mesmerized by Alice growing bigger and smaller and was thrilled with the rabbit who was always late.
6. Lilo and Stitch - Z got scared the first part when he first saw Stitch, he wanted me to turn it off right away. I had to explain that Stitch is a good monster so he agreed to watch it.

I will also introduce Z to other Disney classics such Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Tarzan, and the Emperor's New Groove. It will take some time because I still don't know where to find a copy of those movies but I'm sure I will eventually get it. Fortunately, Disney has created a DVD Bingo game that I'm sure Z will love. The Disney Bingo game is a sure hit for kids because it will feature Disney characters on the Bingo cards and will even show some clips of Disney movies throughout the game. This will be a perfect opportunity to enhance Z's memory skills and at the same time introduce the classic Disney characters. I'm sure your kids will love it too.

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My girls love the Lion King and Bambi. Disney has such great shows and they really take me down memory lane too!

mcangeli said...

There are no wicked step sisters in Sleeping beauty. Nor a fairy godmother... (but there are three fairys).

You're thinking of Cinderella.

Paula said...

@mcangeli - Oh, you're right! Don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that. Thanks for the heads up. :)

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