The Perfect Smile

When Z's dad came home today, he decided that it was time for them to have their haircut. Just before they left, I decided to take a before picture of Z but what he gave me was more than that. Want to know what he gave me? Well, he just gave me this sweetest smile that I have ever recorded on camera.

Isn't that smile just amazing? He sure looked like an angel to me. I was so happy when I took that, and I couldn't stop laughing. My husband was puzzled over my happiness, I couldn't quite make him understand that I just took the perfect picture of Z. You see, anyone who has a kid knows that it is quite difficult to get the perfect picture. We tried teaching Z how to smile for the camera but instead of giving us the sweet, natural smile, he learned to fake it and give us this instead.

So you can imagine that 99% of the pictures that we have of Z smiling look like that. So I was extremely happy when I was able to take this wonderful picture of Z and his dad together. When they arrived home from the barber shop, I showed Z this picture and told him to smile for the camera the way he smiled for that picture. The pictures I took made me laugh too.

Well, he sure did his best to try, no doubt about that. I'm sure with a little practice he can master his perfect smile.


onangelwings said...

Look at that face!

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