Globe Broadband - again!

After a more than a week of having no internet connection, no thanks to you Globe broadband, I feel totally disconnected with my blog thus the reason why I do not have any posts for the longest time. I refused to get depressed because of something I do not have any control over so I totally forgot about my blog and focused my attention on different offline activities. Unfortunately, I have lost my momentum so when the internet connection was finally restored well I still could not do the things I used to do. Which was a nice thing really because after only a few hours of having our connection back it again went dead. We called customer support and they said we have to wait another 5 days. Good thing the next day it was restored for no reason at all. So if any of you out there is planning to subscribe to Globe broadband this might be what you will experience in the future. But if you are already a Globe broadband subscriber and is experiencing the same problem, do not be a victim. Call or email their customer support, ask for a supervisor if you have to, then request for a rebate for every single day that you do not have connection. We did just that and they have given us a rebate for a total of P1,300 which is worth more than a month of our internet. That is still not fair to me because I have lost one week worth of earnings from my online job but it is better than nothing. Also if you really have it that bad and could not get out of Globe broadband because of the horrendous fee you have to pay if you do not complete one year with them, then you can also have it waived by a supervisor from customer support. We already talked to two supervisors and they have confirmed our termination fee will be waived once we go to their business center and have the service disconnected. Haven't gone there yet so I hope they are true to their word. We are planning on switching to PLDT because we still want a phone with the internet but we are also considering myDestiny. We are still not sure though because what if their service is worst than Globe? So if you live in Pasig area near Cainta and you have awesome internet connection please do not keep it to yourself and share it with me. :)


wandering elephant said...

oh, i know the feeling of having unreliable internet connexion. my experience was not with globe, however. 2 yrs ago, i was with smartbro, and grabe almost every other day nawawala ang connection. also, they would respond to the situation soooo slowly, to the point that the losses from the work lost cannot be compensated anymore. after 2 yrs of using smartbro, i finally switched (globe) then to bayantel (for the past year. wish you luck.

wandering elephant said...

hi. oh yes, i know the feeling of having unreliable internet connection (in spite of what they say for advertisements). I was with smartbro for two years (gets disconnected almost every other day & unreliable cust.service), with globe broadband (for 1 yr) until I finally switched to Bayantel. More than 1 year na din ako w/ Byantel, so far, minimal downtime at fast tech support. Check mo din if ok sa place nyo, kc who knows, bka swerte lng ako sa connection now.

Z'riz said...

awww yeah...i had problems with globe too...but i was in dumaguete at that time...tsk tsk tsk...

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