Mugen and Adsense

We were ecstatic yesterday because for the first time S received his earnings from Adsense from his website which he put up 7 years ago. Would you believe it? According to him he spent hours and hours building that site and the characters that go along with it because he enjoyed it and he hoped that someday he will earn something from it but it never did happen. If you are wondering what the site it is all about, well, it is about Mugen. If you are like me then I know what your reaction is, "What? I have never heard of such a thing!" That's why to be able to explain it to you I looked at Wikipedia and according to it M.U.G.E.N. is a freeware 2D fighting engine that allows anyone to create characters, background stages, and other game objects through interpreted text files, graphics, and sound compilation. I hope that helps but in my own words from what I see him doing, he programs the characters from KOF (King of Fighters) game to make it do moves that are hard to beat in a game. Well, it's really complicated for me so just see it for yourself and visit his website. Anyway, not until I started blogging did I realize the value of that old website of his. It was then that I learned about page ranks, alexa ranks, etc. So when I noticed that his website has a page rank 2, an alexa rank of 24,947, and has already reached more than half a million visitors (650,000), I was really impressed. If only it were a blog, huh?! lol Anyway, I was convinced there is no reason why he shouldn't be making any money there when other websites that have a much less number of visitors are already cashing out. The problem was convincing him, I even told him to add a blog to his website but he just refused to believe there's money there, but thank goodness he heeded my advice and put adsense on, at least. So, yesterday we went to the nearest Western Union and cashed out and he was really happy he has received some compensation from all his years of hard work. And would you believe, my once skeptical husband even started his own blog! I am so happy S is finally sharing my interest in blogging.


SHIELA said...

wow good for him.

btw, salamat nga pala sa iniwan mong message sa blog ko. and thanks for sharing your life as well. mahirap nga yung sitwasyon natin. i think the best thing to do is release our anger towards them siguro para matapos na ang iniisip natin at baka magkasakit pa tayo nang puso :)

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