Hectic Day

S and I stayed up really late last night. He was playing with his PSP while I was watching Mother at 14 online. It is a drama about a junior high student who got pregnant and opted to keep the baby despite her family's disapproval. It was really touching, especially the scene when the father found out his "baby" girl got pregnant. I didn't want to stop watching but my eyes surrendering from exhaustion, so reluctantly I had to stop. S finally slept around 4am and I followed an hour later. When I woke up it was already past 10. I immediately checked my email to check for transcription assignments and there is one waiting. In an instant I regretted staying up so late. I still have to go to the market to buy meat and rice because our fridge is already empty. Good thing, S doesn't have to go to work till night so he was able to look after Z while I did my errands. Before I left, I asked Z what he wants from the market and he immediately told me he wanted some mangoes. At the market, I was dismayed when I found out that the price of the mango was P100/kilo and I can see it is still not that ripe. Anyway, I still decided to buy it because Z is such a poor eater. When I got home, Z immediately asked for his mangoes. I didn't realize how he missed eating mangoes because he ate all that one kilo of mangoes in a day. He didn't care that it's still sour he just ate it all. Well, after lunch, I started doing my transcription. I think I am finally improving because instead of doing a transcription project in 10 hours or more, I was able to do it in 6 hours. After that I still have to prepare dinner and do one paid opportunity. Such is a typical day when I have work. Sometimes, I even have do my transcription while doing the laundry. How I wish I have more hands and more time.


irish said...

hi paula, thanks for your comment. i appreciate it. by the way, i didn't know your into that transcription job at work. how much does one task cost, which needs around 6 hours for you to do? where did you learn that? so, you fulfilled your goal now, you are now a certified work at home mom.

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