How to Live a Debt-Free Life

Living a debt-free life is the advisable thing. However, with the way the economy is going, the rapid increase in basic commodity prices, and the availability of credit cards, it's not at all surprising that most people are living in debt. If you are already in debt, there's no use getting depressed over it. Now is the absolute time to take control of your life and plan to get that debt out in your life. Here are some steps to help you eliminate that nasty debt.

1. Start paying in cash. Do not add more to your debts by using your credit cards. There's a reason why credit cards are always available to us, and it's because credit card companies want us to spend more so they can charge at a higher interest rate if we can't pay for it. If you completely do away with credit cards, then you are on the right track. Remember, if you can not pay for it in cash, it means you simply can't afford it.

2. If you haven't made a budget of your expenses, maybe that's the reason you are in debt. You do not have to start from scratch in budgeting your expenses, there are a lot of free software online that will help you jump start your budgeting. It's not at all time consuming, a few minutes every night to list down your expenses is enough.Remember, what's more time consuming is worrying about your debts. Having your own budget will save you a few wrinkles along the way.

3. Deal with your credit card debt. Talk to your creditors and lay down your cards. If you think this may be too overwhelming for you, you can ask for professional help. I know of a company called NetDebt who help can you completely eliminate your debt. If you don't like the embarrassing and time consuming "counseling" sessions that other debt programs have, then NetDebt is for you because the offer online enrollment and with live reps available to answer all your questions.

If you do not deal with it now, it will never go away. Now is always the perfect time to start your way to a debt-free life.

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jj-momscashblog said...

Hi Paula,Great post on debt. Especially with the economics the way they are. Gasoline is the highest we've seen, and our food bills are on the rise. I have tried to pare down, I use to own a cell phone with US Cellular. My bills were just getting higher and higher and I was not using it as much as I could of. So I got rid of it and invested about $20 for a Trac Fone and I buy mins. or units when I need them. I get no bills in the mail and I use this phone even more than I used the Cell Phone. It has really saved me a bunch of moolah. Every little bit helps. Great post

Karen said...

hello, i dropped by here through entrecard.
Everyone wants to live a debt free life and I think it's all about discipline and tight budgeting. can we exchange links? thanks anyway.

Mariuca said...

Paula! Thanks so much for sending ur birthday wishes my way! Hope to see u back at Mariuca's blog! Have an awesome day! :):):)

Jeff said...

I wonder if we could somehow forward this to members of Congress and the Bush administration...
Now that I think about, they may be using that free software.

Nice Post... :-)

Justin Wright said...

Great post, I have also been striving to live a debt free life. Luckily, I have managed to pay off all of my credit cards. The next step is selling my car, then I will truly be free.

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