Mother at 14

I am nearly finished watching Mother at 14, which deals with teen pregnancy. Miki, was a typical 14-year, who accidentally got pregnant and refused to abort her baby. The setting of the story is in Japan and it seems that in their culture, abortion is legal especially if the parent has no means to support the bay, just like Miki's case. Her parents scheduled her pregnancy to be terminated and much to everyone's surprise she decided to push through with her pregnancy. The people surrounding her were outraged by her decision and thought she was a fool, maybe she was but little did they know that Miki has transformed and even as young as she is, she already has what we call a "mother's instinct" to protect her baby. She managed to convinced them in the end that she is serious in raising a child of her own. You may ask, what happened to the father of the baby? Well, he has his own interesting story and if you want to find out, watch it for yourself. This is not sponsored but I really enjoyed the movie that's why I wanted to share. And by the way, be prepared for watching it with English subtitle because the movie is in Japanese. Here is the first episode.

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