My "Look"

When my husband and I were in our courtship stage, I don't remember giving him a flirtatious look just like you see in the movies. I remember my eyes lighting up and giving him a wide smile. It must have worked because until now he still reminds me of the time when he used to fetch me at work and I would just give him my all-out-smile.
In flirting, I think nobody can resist a simple, disarming smile. It is the universal language, wherever corner in the world you go a smile is always perceived as a positive thing. It is more than positive, actually, it can do wonders - brighten your day, melt away insecurities, and make others feel welcome and appreciated. That is why you have never heard of a fight starting out with a smile.
Now that you know the value of a simple smile when it comes to getting the attention of the opposite sex, I will tell you one more thing that will make you smile. Extreme Style by VO5 made flirting easy to practice on online by launching Ultimate Flirting Championship. This is a simple Q & A game, just give the best answer that you got and see if you can beat your opponent. Have fun and try the game now!

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