Something New

There is a new addition in Z's face. We noticed it about a month ago and at first, I thought it was just dirt and would be washed away with soap and water. I didn't even give it a second thought until one day, Z's dad told me he just scrubbed Z's face in the bathroom and this dirt wouldn't come off. So we looked at it closely and realized Z got himself a mole! Actually, this is not his first mole, the first one grew in his right temple but this one really got our attention because it's in the middle of his face, right beside his nose. This just shows how ignorant hubby and I were on things, we thought people were born with their moles but now we realized of they're not, that's why babies' skin are so flawless. Here's a picture of Z's new moles, I encircled it because you can barely see it in the picture.


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