My Toddler went to Work

Yes, you read it right! I am home alone for today and Z has gone and went to work - well, his dad brought him to work that is. I have been hinting to S that bringing Z to his office will be a good bonding time for dad and son and would give me my much needed time alone . Z refused to go at first but, finally, changed his mind a few minutes after his dad left our apartment. Hoping that S is still somewhere near, I quickly jumped to the phone and dialed his cellphone number. Good thing he came right back so, I quickly dressed Z. My son hasn't even taken his breakfast, just a sip of milk and his vitamins, but his dad promised they will eat breakfast at Jollibee. Z was all smiles when he heard that. He was out of the door faster than his dad. I even had to remind him to kiss me first before he go which he obliged.
A few minutes ago, while I was typing this blog entry, hubby called and let Z talked to me on the phone. For the first time, I heard his voice through the phone and it threw me offguard for a few seconds. His voice sounded different, more matured on the phone. I have to remind myself that it's still my 3 year old toddler talking and not some older kid. He told me he was playing with his toy car which he brought along. I hope both father and son enjoy their time together. It's not that bad having the house all by myself from time to time.


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