Playtime in the Playground

After weeks of constant rain, I am so glad this week, it has stopped raining and we are back to sunny days again. So, yesterday, Z and I went for a walk - I was the only one walking while Z was on his bike. We went to the playground that was a few blocks from us but no children were there so we headed back and stayed at the playground near our apartment. Around 5pm two little girls arrived, also riding their bikes followed by Z's friend, Jave. Jave was the first one who got a bike now, all the children have their own respective bikes.While the children were playing, the parents were catching up too. Jave's mom pointed out that Z's bike is flat, and sure enough, it was. I didn't notice it because I was near-sighted, no wonder Z was having a hard time pedaling his bike! We will have it fixed this afternoon before we go to the playground.
I remember a year ago, we would go to the playground as often as twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, but we had gone there less and less as the months pass, partly because less and less children were going there. I promise I will try to make this an afternoon habit again because part of the reason why we rented this place is because it is located inside a village and it has three different playgrounds within walking distance. If it were up to me, I want Z to experience playing patintero barefoot in the sand, catching dragonflies with nets, climbing mango trees, and finding beetles just like I did growing up but Z just have to settle for the cemented playground here. It's not that bad really, back where we came from the children have to play in the streets because there were no playgrounds at all.


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