Apartment Hunting part 1

Map of Rizal it uses bands to use the wate4r o...Image via Wikipedia I know I mentioned we were not planning to move until the next scheduled raise in our rent on February next year but when Z's friend and his mom, who were our former neighbor and who just moved out a couple of weeks ago, visited us and mentioned there is a vacant apartment upstairs of their new apartment, I couldn't resist but check it out. What I saw definitely shocked me because the vacant apartment is the same price as ours but almost twice as large and looks much better. It also has two bedrooms and with built in closet that will definitely solve our never ending problem with closet space. The bathroom is larger and the living room is long and spacious. There are disadvantages like the fact that it's on the third floor and to get to it you have to pass a narrow alley and climb a rickety stairs and there is also a creek at the right side. But what I so so love is the view from the terrace, I can see the hills of Antipolo from afar. I went home to fetch S so that he can take a look too and he likes it too but also noted the disadvantages. He likes the apartment downstairs where our friend lives because it's two storey and has a small garage but of course it's already occupied. I admit for two days I was not able to sleep weighing in my mind if we should move or not and I finally decided that I really wanted to move because it's the same rent amount, anyway. S is more practical, he told me we should take our time and look around first which we did yesterday but with no luck. Today, we went to Megamall to check if there is Globe broadband in that area but unfortunately they don't have service there. Fortunately, we will be able to have it disconnected without paying any penalty and we'll just look for another provider that has service in that area. We also withdrew the amount for the deposit but on our way home we saw an "Apartment For Rent" sign and noted the phone number. I called it tonight and the owner said it's two storey, just like what S wanted. The rent though is a little higher but still affordable. The two apartments are just a couple of blocks from our current apartment so it won't significantly affect S's travel time to and from the office. Another advantage if we move is our future landlord will not increase the rent by 10% every year unlike what our current landlord is doing. I am really excited see it, I hope it will meet our expectations. If it does not then we will be paying the downpayment for the first one. Just tonight, our landlord came by to collect our rent and I already informed him we have plans on moving. This move might be sudden and unplanned but I have a feeling what we are doing is for the best.


jj-momscashblog said...

Hope you get the apartment that you really want. I wish you good luck you and your family.

Lora said...

Sorry I didn't have time yesterday after my award post to come by and let you know it was there for you! I was planning to tell you when I had time on the computer again, but you beat me to it!

arlene said...

glad i dropped by. i love your witty blog name: Happy thoughts, happy tot =)

See you around! Goodluck in your apartment-hunting!

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