Apartment Hunting part 2

This is a continuation of our apartment hunting.
As soon as S arrived home from work, around 8am, we immediately went to the two-storey apartment I inquired about last night. The tricycle ride was short and only lasted a minute. We arrived at the place and immediately saw three apartment buildings. Two buildings (one still in the process of being constructed) face each other on the right side and one building on the left side of the road. We looked for the person who was in charge of the keys, he directed us to the lone apartment building on the left and showed us two vacant apartment units side by side.
The apartments are bigger than our current and these two have almost identical design.

Downstairs is the living room and the kitchen and upstairs are two bedrooms. The rent is $11 higher than what we are paying but we were not satisfied because the place is kinda hot. There are two small windows upstairs and one downstairs but it is not wide enough for the air to circulate in the apartment. Our guide told us these were newly-constructed so we will be the first owners if we take it. I instantly remembered that the owner told me last night that the apartment was previously occupied and was not new. I pointed this out to our guide and it turned out he showed us the wrong apartment. So we crossed the road and went to the two apartments facing each other. Construction was in full swing on one apartment so there was a lot of noise going on, the other building look a few years old. There were four apartment doors and we were directed second to the last door. It was slightly larger than the first two.

What I liked were the tiles and the cabinets in the kitchen. We looked for the bathroom and found it underneath the stairs which was weird! We went upstairs and I was disappointed because the rooms didn't have tiled floors - only polished cement. The color, I hated - one room was red while the other blue. It made the room even hotter than the apartments we just saw. There was no view from the windows, except for the still being constructed apartment building facing it. There was definitely no air coming in on this one. Eventhough S likes having two floors for an apartment, he was disappointed with the three we just saw. We concluded that the first one we found was way better because it is the largest but cheapest, has two extra cabinets for our clothes, floors are tiled all over, good air circulation, natural light and wide windows plus a landlord who said the reason why his tenants stay there a long time is because he doesn't increase the rent. After looking at the three apartments, we immediately went home to get the deposit and pay for the first one we found. So by this time we have already sealed the deal but we won't be able to move till the end of this month to maximize the rent we paid for our current place and to give us enough time to look for a new internet provider. Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of our soon-to-be apartment so just stay tuned for my next update!


Jo Ann said...

hi! was just blog-hopping here... i can relate to your criteria in looking for an apartment. we jut went through it and has just moved in to our new place. one criteria of mine was the amount of natural light. i just hate it when there very limited natural light.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

a dark red and dark blue colored rooms? Those colors make room look small and cramped. I'll never paint my room like that. Our apartment is colored white. It maybe a bit small but it has a lot of windows =)

pinay pictures said...

Good luck on your apartment hunting, I hope It wont be haunting hehe=) BTW you have a very nice blog =)

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