Laundry - check!

Italian street, with laundry hung to dryImage via Wikipedia Finally, I have caught up with my laundry and am proud to say that I have three empty laundry baskets starting today. Whew! I didn't know where I got the energy today but I think I just did five loads of laundry. I woke up thinking what a great day to have the sun shining like that so I quickly pulled out my washing machine originally planning to do just one load. After hanging out the first set of clothes to dry I immediately thought with the sun shining like that I'm sure by the time I finish a second load of clothes then the first set would be dry. So that's what I did all day, after I finished washing one load I quickly folded it to give way to a fresh set of clothes to dry. I like it when I have a productive day like this, it feels good to accomplish something even if its just a small thing.


hesitant wife said...

wow congrats! busy day for you! but i know the great feeling of accomplishing a huge house chore! happy for you!

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