Halloween Party at Greenhills

To maximize's Z's costume, we decided to brave the hot afternoon and commute to Greenhills shopping center which was only a short bus ride away. We found out upon arriving there that they started on time so we we're late for the trick or treat part. Fortunately, they have a program right after which featured a magician who was well, adept at magic tricks. Our only problem was we were way at the back and couldn't see a thing. I was determined not to waste our effort of going all the way there, we even left his dad sleeping alone at the house which was rare because we always go out together, so I carried Z and inched our way closer to the stage. It was difficult mind you, because apparently the adults enjoyed the magic show too and don't want to give way for me and Z. I was determined, however, because of the strain of Z's weight on my arms so I still pushed my way. I headed to the first empty seat I found but before I could sit down, and rest my aching arms, the mother quickly pulled her daughter back to the empty chair. Not to be disheartened, I carried Z over another empty chair at the front row and told him to sit down before it gets occupied again. That's how we finally got to see the magic show. It was Z's first time to see one but he understood and laughed at some of the tricks. Even I was amazed although I already know that those were just tricks and not magic.


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