Opening a Savings Account to help in Debt Elimination

A smartcard graphic, without banklogos or simi...Image via WikipediaOur family's goal is to really save money. In line with our goal, I opened three bank accounts this month alone: one for my online salary, one for Z, and the third one an automatic savings account connected to S's payroll. Even if I've been earning online, it seems that we end up wasting the money on things I don't even remember because it's deposited to our current atm which we use when we go out, shop for our grocery, etc. Now that my online salary is deposited on it's own account, I'm confident that the extra money will remain untouched and it will be easier to save it.
Z didn't understand what it meant to open a bank account but he sure was excited to see his name on his passbook. It's timely because Christmas is coming and so is his birthday this January. All the money gifts he will receive will be deposited directly there. I'm already excited to see his money grow slowly but surely. I'm sure he'll be able to appreciate having money in the bank when he's old enough. I also hope this will instill to him the value of saving so that in the future he won't have a problem with debt elimination.
While at BDO, my husband tried applying for a credit card. As of the moment we don't have a single credit card but we tried to apply for one just in case. We thought the application was going smoothly and we had submitted all the requirements but someone from the bank called S and told him he hasn't submitted a photocopy of his IDs. That was impossible because we couldn't open a savings account without IDs so I'm sure they were the ones who forgot to attach it or something. When we went back to BDO to claim our ATM card, we mentioned it and they said we need to submit our IDs again, unfortunately we only brought one ID this time so I told S it's better that way, maybe it's really not meant for us to have a credit card. It doesn't matter if we have a poor credit score, but the reason why we're saving is to avoid incurring any kind of debt in the future.
I opened our third bank account because one of our perennial problems was saving a portion of S's income and not touching it. While reading the newspaper, I chanced upon an advertisement of BPI's Direct Save UP which automatically deducts whatever amount you set from your payroll atm to its very own account. You won' be able to spend that money because the account doesn't come with ATM. What's more, you will be insured 5X of your saved amount.
Now that everything is in place, it's up to us whether we will be successful in our goal or not. As the moment, I'm just thankful we're worrying about saving money and not about debt elimination.


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