My Work at Home Experience

A year ago, it was just my dream to earn money at home. We have heard stories about people working at home through internet and how I wished I could do that too. The problem was those stories seem like a myth because we didn't know anybody personally who was actually earning online. We were also hesitant to have internet installed because of the extra cost but I was bored at my wits end staying at home so I finally took the plunge and had internet installed last February of this year. My immediate goal was to find an online job and everyday I literally searched online for any homebased job I could find. The first thing I tried were PTCs but didn't have the patience to click numerous ads everyday. My first real online job was encoding, the pay was a pittance but I accepted it just so that I can pay our monthly internet bill. Finally, after a month of searching I discovered Craigslist and found a transcribing job through that site. The pay is good, the job tedious but I was happy because finally I was officially a work-at-home mom. I was enjoying both worlds, earning and seeing my son grow up by my side every single day. In addition to that, I have my blogging which earns me some money too.
However, I don't want to stop there. My ultimate goal is to have my very own Home Business. My husband and I are constantly racking our brains for Home Business Ideas but we haven't thought of any. I have heard about affiliate marketing but I don't know anything about marketing and internet marketing at that. Good thing I chanced upon a Plug-In Profit Site which will teach you all about affiliate marketing and which includes a "30 Days to Success" training program for people like me who have no experience in internet marketing. I have read about people making money through affiliate marketing but I don't know anyone personally - well, that didn't stop me before. I'm sure it will not be easy and will require a lot of hard work but I would do anything just to be able to work at home and be with my family.


nikki fritz said...

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience but be aware of spammers in the internet. Affiliate marketing is good but you can earn vary less amount.

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